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To accept ourselves as we are means to value our imperfections as much as our perfections.Sandra Bierig

I practice as a contemplative psychotherapist. I believe in the basic goodness of all people and join together with clients to reconnect that basic goodness back into their conscious life. I sit with individuals, couples, families, and groups. I know that transformation is possible and healing can take place even under the most dire situations, feelings, and ways we are conditioned to think. I am slow paced and create an atmosphere of warmth, trust, and safety. I am available during the day and in the evening including weekends.

I primarily do talk therapy. I incorporate the body through awareness and movement and spirituality through meditation and intention. I am likened to a “general” practitioner believing in the common needs for independence, connection and love, both receiving and giving.

head-shot-d-b-src-FBI believe in mutual recovery and mutual impact on each other in the therapeutic relationship. That client and therapist hold different roles and that both participants are touched and impacted within the therapeutic experience.

True Nature Contemplative Psychotherapy creates a space of exploration and discovery. Happiness abounds when there is awareness into the true nature of who we are, in all of our wisdom and brilliance. When there is clear seeing of oneself, another, and/or a present or past life situation, there can be a relaxing into life, a celebration and appreciation of our humanness and connection.

Deb Bopsie came to Colorado in 2009 to attend Naropa University after living in Maine for 36 years. She lives in Boulder with her life-long partner and has three adult children. She enjoys nature, riding her bike, eating good food, and connection with her family and community. Deb feels honored to be in the field of psychotherapy and welcomes all individuals to her practice.